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Making Cat Toys

Keeping kitty playing is healthy exercise. Buying the toys that amuse kitty can be somewhat expensive. Ever consider making your own cat toys at home?

Inexpensive toys can be homemade and your cat will not notice that the eyes may not be exactly the same distance apart or maybe there are no eyes at all!

You can purchase faux fur from any fabric store or even at Wal-Mart, a small piece about 12 inches by 12 inches will make several toys. Pieces of ribbon and miniature bells are available in nearly all discount retail stores.

With faux fur or even cotton fabric, some ribbon and some bells, you can make your own cat toys that will provide healthy exercise for hours.

Homemade cat toys - here's how:

Cut two pieces of faux fur or fabric about 4 inches by 4 inches, sew two sides together, sew the ribbons with the bells attached to the third side of the fabric. You now have the beginning a square pouch. Last but certainly not least, fill the pouch with fresh catnip, then sew the final side with the catnip inside and poof - a great cat toy is made! It may look crude and unlike the expensive toys purchased at a pet store but your cat will not notice. The catnip smell, the ribbons and the bells dangling will be enough to encourage tossing, batting and healthy exercise for your cat.

You could create different shapes with the fabric, add felt eyes, a nose and a yarn tail. The more creative you are the better your cat toy will look but let's be honest, your cat really doesn't care how pretty their toys are, the important thing is to get your cat to play.
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